What is Nano-Fusion?!

Nano-Fusion Protection is a patent-pending film technology that makes existing topcoats obsolete. A topcoat is a layer of generally stiffer material laminated to a flexible urethane film base. Current topcoats make PPFs more difficult to install and weather poorly over time. There can be separation at the boundary, causing crazing and stress cracking, which really affects the appearance. Nano-Fusion Technology infuses the urethane film with clear penetrating protection. Nano-Fusion PPF is more conformable, easier to install, retains its gloss, and resists yellowing and cracking better than other films on the market.The proof is provided by the best warranty in the business: Nano-Fusion Protection is backed by a 7-year warranty.

Tesla S70D in for max paint protection, full frontal wrap with NanoFusion Clear bra
BRZ being fully wrapped in Clear bra for max protection

Paint Protection Film coverage packages

All packages can be customized to meet your budget and coverage. 


Paint Protection Film-

PPF Level 0 - nano fusion 375$

-18" hood

-match fenders



PPF Level  1 - nano fusion 1550$

-Hood 24”

-Match hood line with Fender

-Head light, Fog Light

-full bumper


-Behind Rear Wheel

-behind front wheel

-Rear bumper ledge

-door cups


PPF Level 2 - nano fusion - $ 2350 (with level 2 or higher we offer a 200$ discount with a coating)

-Full hood

-Full fender 

***includes everything in Level 1


PPF Level 3 - nano fusion- $ 2550

-A pillar

-Roof line 

***includes everything in Level 1 and 2


Optional areas not listed B-pillars, inside door sills, exterior door rockers, door edges


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