Tesla Chrome delete 101

Jan 18th 2020

This will be a Tesla get together for all who want to do their own Chrome delete with Dan Camp's link to a DIY blackout kit. https://www.nikolapro.com/ref/spotted_model This kit must be purchased before hand. 


ColoradoDetail will provide space for ****6**** cars to do their own blackout and room to just hang out and mingle and eat. CD's employees will be present to assist in installing the kit. Your Car must be clean and do not use any wax or spray sealants after cleaning. This will prevent the film from sticking. If it is snowy weather that day we will need to rescheduled.


8200 E. Pacific Place Unit 308

Denver, Colorado 80231



730Am - 6pm


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Sat - By appointment only Starting 10-1-17 and special request



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